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What we do

Content meets tech

We propel your marketing and make it a lot more profitable. In our hands, your content will no longer be a money burner, but turn out to be a real game-changing business asset.

We at Gicom create spot-on, effective content that helps you achieve your goals. Content that hits your audience in the heart of what is important to them. Content that makes an enduring impact.

Content that proves to be an eye-opening experience, involving all communication channels that complete the bigger picture and help make magic happen. Content that you, as a brand, can freely scale, personalise, optimise, measure and distribute. Really to your heart’s content.

Being ‘headless’ content, impressive visual stories and targeted messages can be spread seamlessly across multiple platforms, like mobile apps and smartwatches. In one single effort, you can connect with everybody that matters to you, front-end and back-end.


Strategy & concept

Desperately looking for specialists in content marketing strategy? Better call Gicom! We offer you detailed and firmly founded benchmarks, consumer journeys and qualitative and quantitative audits. As well as robust content business modelling directly linked to a fully operational content strategy.

But that’s definitely not all, folks! We also make sure that your content strategy drives substantial digital transformation. Thanks to the creation of content that pushes the limits of interaction with your audiences and captures their attention. Guided by a large experience and broad insight in digital experience platforms, audience research, market analysis and performant creative concepts.

Gicom will gladly be your key tech consultancy and digital transformation partner. Servicing you with:

      • Content strategy
      • Social (media) strategy
      • Brand strategy
      • Business strategy
      • Channel strategy
      • Concept (big idea)
      • Tech & digital transformation consultancy

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Content platforms

What you really need, is a hybrid, headless content management system (CMS): you will be stunned by how quickly it lets you move. So be sure to get the most out of our framework that streamlines collaboration and makes content adaptable anywhere and anytime.

Be prepared to create anything headline-worthy, publish anywhere and integrate easily with any technology framework or platform. Gicom simply gives you all the insights and implementation you need for platform and link building, SEO, customer experience, lead nurturing, account-based marketing, marketing automation and e-commerce. We guarantee you a future-proof, effective platform in full respect of the strictest privacy standards.

You can contact Gicom for all your:

      • Platform development
      • Digital experience platform (DXP) & data management
      • Content creation and publishing tech stack
      • SEO analysis & setup

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Content creation

With nearly 40 years of experience in content production, we are eager to share our knowhow with you. Gicom is an expert in creating (targeted) emotional experiences that stay with every user. Combining beautiful visuals and effective wording. “Native” to each platform and always speaking the appropriate language.

We create for each client a dedicated team (a so-called newsroom), offering highly effective production tools. After defining your editorial guidelines and tone of voice, hand in hand with you, we embark together on a fascinating journey. Just expect no limit to our inspiration and creativity! Our left brain thinks digital, the right thinks print. Because we know very well where your target groups are keen to consume content and where your involvement can be truly relevant to them.

We can manage all different aspects of content production for you, from concept and creation to design and styling. We deliver copy to be feasted upon, but just as well high-quality video, animation and photography. Mind-blowing content for all possible channels, for internal and external use: that’s our promise. From us to you.

Feel free to contact Gicom for your:

      • Content formats (grid/design)
      • Content production (copy, images, audio, video)
      • Content management
      • Social content & campaigns
      • SEO analysis

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Content distribution

New technology is the key to new workflows and distribution possibilities. More than ever you can easily switch between different platforms for an optimal reach. With Gicom, everything you need to appeal to your audience is conveniently located in one place.

You can dispose of our own (in-house) channels like (digital) magazines, newsletters, social channels and content platforms. But we can also buy supporting media (SEA, Social, YouTube, display and DooH) for you. Dashboards and SMART KPIs play a decisive role in this process. To maximise Return on Content, we focus on well-tuned targeted placement per channel that is continuously optimised.

Gicom will be delighted to help you with your:

      • Media strategy
      • Owned media
      • Paid media & campaigns
      • Marketing automation
      • Dashboarding
      • ROI: cross channel optimisation

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Gicom is much more than just a production agency. We can show you the way to innovative business models, including ground-breaking financial solutions. You can save significantly on paid media by focusing on smart omnichannel communications and becoming a publisher yourself. We put together media kits and handle advertising sales in your owned media as smoothly as in automated advertising platforms.

As a result, you can generate revenues from very large audiences and segment your database based on customer behaviour. You are ‘always on’ instead of temporarily creating an expensive peak in sales and you reduce substantially the cost of reaching and influencing your target groups.

Gicom is your preferred partner for:

      • Innovative business models in communication
      • Financial solutions
      • Smart omnichannel communications
      • Advertising sales in your owned media
      • Automated advertising platforms
      • Database segmentation

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