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The TOM&Co answer to the COVID: The weekly YOU&ME Magazine

Tom & Co – You & Me magazine


  • With a high velocity publishing solution the launch of a weekly e-zine B2B2C – to overcome the crisis Covid -19 was decided by Tom&Co at the beginning of the crisis to be published every friday.
  • Specifically, the goal was to focus on interaction and engagement with users, as well as incorporating video, polls, interview with experts, …. The content need to be aligned with the Tom&Co brand, product, and services.


  • In just two weeks, from begin april, GICOM has developed and launched a weekly e-zine (in 2 languages) for those who are no longer able to walk their pet as regularly as they would like and for those who could help them, for owners who are through their chunk, for those who like to make contact or find out more about their little companion, and finally for animal friends who want to help the shelters that are now in great difficulty. The key message was: ”how can Tom&Co help?” and covered all the summer season.
  • The mission statement was simple: “be the e-Zine that connects”, a digital weekly magazine with inspiring visuals, tips and tricks for petlovers, and stories from the experts, focusing on inspiring a broad target group of pet enthusiasts.
  • Tom&Co sent the e-magazine weekly as a newsletter to its members. In addition, they also shared a link to a specific article of the e-zine on its social networks on a daily basis to maximize traffic to the e-zine as well as to the website (e-store).


  • It was important for Tom&Co that this effort should have a direct benefit for the business itself.
  • Thanks to interactive elements in the magazines such as videos, interactive contents (polls,…), and beautiful imagery, interviews with experts, direct links to the eStore, promotionianl offers of products, the goal which was to inspire readers & drive visits to the (e)-store and explore more on the website was reached.

Concrete results

Readers since the launch of the e-zine
Page sessions
Page views
Average pages per session

Future plans

Tom&Co restarted to publish their print magazine in June. The e-zine will now be published on a bi-weekly base. Tom&Co is still in an exploratory phase with the new format of the digital publication. The data from the e-zines will serve as a benchmark for future issues’ success.

The learning is that the digital magazine supports their goals in exactly the way they needed. The format is new, and how it will  iterate is still under consideration. For now, the inspirational content (currently missing on the website) provides the added value they wanted for their target group.

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