Case story

The creation of a new format: the weekly Retail Detail Magazine

Retail Detail magazine


  • Keep current and potential customers informed and engaged over time in a difficult context for publishing compagnies: switching to digital was the solution.

  • Offer a premium experience to its subscribers and  add an enhanced experience to their reader database. The shift to digital was a logic step for the previous print magazine to eliminate printing and distribution costs.

  • As a B2B retail news platform, the omnichannel  ecosystem, producing responsive online content, and making content decisions based on data are well-positioned to gain new clients and new streams of recurring subscribers.

  • Text pasted into a blog template is no longer effective. With 43% of people admitting to skimming through content, and readers reportedly spending less than a minute on web pages, on average, engaging readers is key.

  • Immersive and fresh look  appeal to reader’s appreciation for aesthetic details and overall quality.

  • This massive shift is really an opportunity for RetailDetail to create new recurring revenue streams. They intend to earn a reasonable ROI with their e-zines, whether it’s directly through selling subscriptions, or indirectly, by providing customers with relevant, inspiring material that encourages them to stay engaged with their brand.


  • RetailDetail partnered with Gicom to publish the “best of the week” e-magazine,,published every weekend, in which all top articles  of the weeks about the retail are put into the light.
  • Gicom created the format of an interactive business magazine with audio, video, photos, and text, agile enough to be always on with the latest informations.
  • As a result, the printed magazine has evolved into  aninteractive e-zine that is immersive and easily shareable. Their online marketing assets became increasingly visual and interactive as RetailDetail aims to produce content “stickiness” and achieve the “wow” effect. The e-zines make their sales collateral visual, snackable, personalized, and measurable. Next to that, the e-zines adapt to various screen sizes, always offering a premium reading experience on desktop, mobile & tablets. They also provide insights into every detail of user behavior with analytics and event tracking.
  • The use of inspirational interviews, background video and links to related articles on the website created a buzz among (potential) readers and drove extra traffic to the website.
  • Above all, unlike print, the e-zines are measurable & mobile-friendly. They also allow RetailDetail to stay in control of distribution & realize SEO benefits.


  • We connected the e-zines with Google Analytics which allows RetailDetail to get a deeper insight in reader’s metrics, such as

    • How many people read an article, page, or publication?

    • Was the content interesting enough?

    • Did it lead them to take further action?

  • The door is opened now for the next phase: building an amplification publishing strategy based on readers needs and available on all the touch points where readers consume content.

  • They now see that the e-zine is actually read quite thoroughly – something they could never measure with a print version.

Average number of visitors after 4 weeks
0 %
Read all the way to the last page
Pages read at least by readers
Minutes spend on average per session
< 0 %
Low bounce rate

Future plans

Selling classified ads in future e-zines is an option to be considered.  What makes classified ads more interesting in digital format is that they can contain hyperlinks with UTMs that the advertiser can use to track the source of the traffic they generate. This gives advertisers a far better understanding of the performance of their ads than they would obtain from a printed version.

However, to generate revenues from classified ads depends on the circulation and popularity of the e-magazine. The more people read your magazine, the more advertisers will be willing to pay for space.. As the readership grows, this can turn into a major source of income for RetailDetail. To be continued!

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