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What we often hear from marketeers:

  • We don’t have the right skills to produce attractive & interactive content.
  • Our audience is not engaged with our content.
  • Old formats like PDF don't work anymore.
  • Our data are siloed.
  • We are not getting the content in front of the right audience.

Our solution

Gicom offers an “all-in-one” platform to create, distribute & manage digital content within your company in a collaborative business model insourcing / outsourcing.

Content creation

Personalize your content following the customer journey of your persona’s with our inventory of digital ready to publish formats. With our inventory of digital ready to publish formats you can create powerful digital publications and marketing collateral for each step of the customer journey – such as

E-blog and social media posts

E-blog and social media posts

  For every stage of the buyer's journey.



Lead Generation Inform potential customers with promotional offers

E-catalogues brochures

E-catalogues & brochures

Consideration Build trust and inform people considering your product

E-annual reports

E-annual reports

Loyalty Inform shareholders & stakeholders

E-corporate magazines

E-corporate magazines

Advocacy Boost productivity, keep employees engaged



Advocacy Keep your audience engaged and stay top of mind

E-event magazines

E-event magazines

Awareness Warm-up visitors, engage during event, send a recap after



Conversion Keep current and potential customers informed

E-white papers

E-white papers

Awareness Educating prospects, lead generation, thought leadership

Content management

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) module is a perfect platform to manage and share your brand identity.

Home base for all your disparate content

You will be able to streamline, speed up, and simplify all your operations with a clear view and intuitive, collaborative features that keep the complexity low and the added value high. Adding structure makes content easier to find and to personalize

Archiving on the Digital Asset Management works at two levels:

  • An undefined number of tags
  • A set of predefined filters

Content distribution

With the Content Distribution module you can: 

  • centralize your content distribution
  • multichannel broadcast your content following your content calendar
  • track the performance across all channels
Content distribution model

We can help you to maximize content ROI with data-driven marketing and paid media

The 3 Types of Content Distribution Channels: Owned, Earned & Paid

  • Owned media includes the channels that belong to you, where you control the content. This can be your blog, website, email newsletter, and social media profiles.
  • Earned media involves others sharing your content. This can take the form of social media shares, guest posts, media coverage, and product reviews.
  • Paid media is the exposure you pay for, be it pay-per-click ads, display ads, social ads, or otherwise.

Ubiquity will shape the future of content which has to be ready to be everywhere and delivered with precision to the people it’s meant for.

Success stories

  • you have the team
  • you have the goals
  • we have the tools
  • we have the know-how

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