Batibouw case: a content platform 
to create an all-year-round business

YOUR GOAL Monetize my audience Generate revenues from very large audiences and segment your database according to customer behavior. The Batibouw case: a content platform to create an all-year-round business The need Batibouw needed to develop a new business model: switching from a 10-day event to a 365-day content platform to generate new revenue streams. Its […]

Medi-market case: a trade marketing platform outsourced and self-financed

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Vanden Borre case: connect with my audience needs and points of interest

YOUR GOAL Connect with my audience’s needs and points of interest THE CASE: VANDEN BORRE The need In view of the highly competitive market in which it operates, Vanden Borre, felt the need to differentiate itself from its competitors in a way that would enhance customer experience before, during and after their visits to the […]

Inno case : amplify my content to be everywhere

So Inno! - e-zine - IDPP

YOUR GOAL Amplify my content to be everywhere THE CASE: INNO Check out the e-zine! (French) Check out the e-zine! (Dutch) The need Inno, the well known Belgian department store, needed to reach new and younger clients and increase loyalty and retention. The communication was, then, completely siloed and therefore not consistent. Planning content with […]

Facq case : boost my leads

FACQ cover - boost leads

YOUR GOAL Boost my leads THE CASE HISTORY: FACQ Previous Next The need Facq needed to strengthen its relationship with its direct B2B clients (plumbers, installers, architects) to increase overall business as well as becoming a preferred supplier via a loyalty and retention program. The solution A lead generation program with combined impact of relevant […]

Delhaize case: save on paid media

YOUR GOAL Save on PAID media Be ‘always on’ instead of creating an expensive peak in sales and reduce the cost of reaching and influencing audiences … by becoming a publisher and focusing on omnichannel communications. Delhaize magazine brand media Previous Next The need The Delhaize mission statement was to reinforce its relationship with customers and strengthen […]

Tom&Co case: Simplify my content management with processes

Tom & Co - Magazine print & digital

YOUR GOAL Simplify my content management with processes Tom&Co CASE Check out the e-zine! The need Tom&Co needed to enhance communications with its loyal audience and new clients by creating an enriched ecosystem covering promotional activations as well as inspiring content formats. The solution Tom&Co content management was simplified by organizing structured content formats and […]

Retail Detail case: install content governance

RetailDetail - e-zine - IDPP

YOUR GOAL Install content governance THE CASE: Retail Detail Check out the e-zine! The need Retail Detail, the well-known platform providing information about retailers needed a new vision to improve its business model: content is an integral part of its business and does not solely serve its business. Its digital strategy must offer a cohesive […]

Gamma case: switch to digital with my content


YOUR GOAL Switch to digital with my content THE CASE: Gamma Previous Next The need Whether your content is there to inform, educate, inspire or even entertain it has a goal to meet: reach an audience where consumers use all possible devices. The solution Gamma needed to reach new clients with a new perception of […]

Cofidis case: create a strategic approach

YOUR GOAL Create a strategic approach Cofidis newsroomto improve content production The need Cofidis needed to build a strategic approach for the ongoing production of content to fit in with its new market positioning and the introduction of new insurance solutions to create top-of-mind awareness and conversions in a very competitive market. The solution The […]

Decathlon case: link my content with my market place

YOUR GOAL Link my content to my market place THE CASE: Decathlon The need The well-known Decathlon sport goods retailer wanted to expand its business range to include wellness, health and specialty food products to help its audience shop for wellbeing in a one-stop-shop and therefore needed to change consumer perception. The solution Decathlon’s full […]

Casa case: Increase your content’s ROI

Improve your content’s ROI Go from a product-centric promo-driven approach to a user-centric ‘always on’ conversation and multiply touch points. OPTIMIZED FOLDER AND DIGITAL AMPLIFICATION FOR CASA​ The need Increase the ROI of a monthly brochure while retaining production in-house. The solution A content program to boost reading frequency and a digital strategy to improve […]