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Delhaize: magazine #hallogoebezigers

For more than 10 years already, Gicom has been making Delhaize magazine, featuring recipes that millions of Belgian people follow almost every month.

What Delhaize needed:

by drawing attention to its superb local suppliers and to products offering a perfect balance between price and quality, supermarket chain Delhaize hoped to reinforce its relationship with its customers and strengthen the positioning of its brand as the primary source of culinary expertise in Belgium.

What Gicom proposed:

the creation of a content eco-system, both offline and online, where practical information on daily life is being shared and where cutting-edge national brands reinforce Delhaize’s perception of quality and expertise. The eco-system would consist of a printed magazine, themed supplements, digital magazines, commercial catalogues and social channels. As a result, Delhaize would significantly save on paid media.

The creation of a content eco-system, both offline and online, where practical information on daily life is being shared.

Who Delhaize aimed on:

on the one hand in B2B the suppliers/brands who would finance the platform and for whom Gicom would create the branded content. On the other hand in B2C the consumers, focusing on 3 main target groups: young couples, home carers and elderly people.

What was our Gicom approach? Data/tech meets creativity:

Gicom developed a semi-automatic publishing platform with a collaborative proofing system for all Delhaize Departements and a digital asset management system cataloguing all types of content (text, photo, video, recipes).

How Gicom operates:

a dedicated newsroom produces a continuous flow of editorial and branded content, enabling Delhaize to act as a publisher with multiple rendezvous with its customers, extending its content eco-system in all possible touchpoints.

In parallel, a maximum effort is being put into omnichannel marketing and a stronger digital presence. All these different channels constantly complement and strengthen each other. The editorial strategy and complete editorial calendar are continuously being cross-checked and aligned with all other brand communications.

What we achieved:

Delhaize magazine has been the most read magazine in Belgium for years, with 3.800.000 readers per edition (figures published by CIM) and more than 6.000.000 visitors on the content pages of delhaize.be.

Profitability index:

  • +25% top-of-mind
  • Savings on media
  • Large advertising revenues


Dominique Dervoigne