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How can we make your marketing more profitable?
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Gicom provides you with senior consultants specialized in content marketing strategy. We organize for you benchmarks, qualitative and quantitative audits, “personas” workshops and consumer journeys. We deliver content business modelling directly linked to a fully operational content strategy. Focusing first on structure then on content design and finally on interfaces.


With nearly 40 years of experience in content production, we are glad to share with you a knowledge we have built and methodologies we have adapted all along the way. We create dedicated teams by client (newsroom), offer you performing production tools, define hand in hand your editorial guidelines and tone of voice. Our left brain thinks print and the right digital. Oh yes! We also propose hub automated publishing platforms to fully realize your marketing goals.


Good content is nothing without amplification. We build for you strategies to insure the best ROI, via owned media activation plans, performing paid media strategy, native advertising special deals, SEO, adwords and inbound marketing. Yes: we love to be read and to be seen.


We are more than a production agency. We offer you innovative business models, enabling you to become a publisher in all its aspects, including financing solutions. We elaborate media-kit and can take on the sale of advertising formats in your owned media. We are working at automated advertising platforms (to come in 2019).


We base our performance on measurement tools more than good image and vanity metrics. We define KPI’s, set up tools dashboards and organize optimization audits followed by specific recommendations. We are used to produce quarterly reportings and offer coaching services on demand.

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